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spongy brakes

samuelc1987 Dec 1, 2011

  1. samuelc1987

    samuelc1987 New Member

    I know this has been coved lots on here but after searching and searching I still cant find an answer.

    I have a 2000 S3 with shocking brakes if your driving fast and hit them there close to the floor its not a nice feeling. They feel horrible very spongy and not very effective until your pressing hard.

    Now as a fix I’ve had new disks and pads all round, brake fluid flush/change and pressure bled, master cylinder bled, and the vag com abs cycle done and still shocking brakes.

    We have found if you watch the front callipers when you press the brakes you can see the callipers flexing a lot! We also found that if you clamp off the front callipers the pedal feel is perfect no sponginess at all. I’ve been advised this could be a servo problem but not sure and not a easy repair or could it just be worn callipers or sliders?

    Please help.
  2. Andy123

    Andy123 Member

    It sounds like the calipers especially if you clamp them off and the pedal feels fine. It would suggest there is possibly a leak in the seal/s on the caliper which is letting air in/out. If it was the servo then it would still leak even if you clamped off the front calipers so I'd change the calipers. Maybe try switching a set from another s3 if you can to make sure and then go from there.

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