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Splitting modified s3! Take a look!

Josh williams Sep 28, 2013

  1. Josh williams

    Josh williams Active Member

    Time has come to split my s3 to move on. Its quite a highly modified car with some real nice additions.

    The car has its last show on the 20th of october and after then the car will be split and parts will be available to collect.

    I am looking for bits in return as i havent got many standard bits to put back on the car.

    Here are a list and prices of the bits im selling:

    Everything for revo stage 2+ Including full turbo back miltek decat, apr twin bucket fuel pump (full unit no swapped internals this was a brand new pre built pump) Itg intake. and forge dump valve I will need standard bits to cover these and im looking to sell as a complete package. For this im looking for £1300 plus standard parts.

    Next up is a full set of genuine s3 heated leather recaros, front and rear seats in good condition. Again looking for standard seats in return and £1500 my way.

    Ap racing 6 pots with fast road pads and floating disks think they are the 364mm ones! Need standard brakes and £1050 my way.

    Im also selling a 4 week old set of rota grid drifts in white with brand new 225/40/18 toyo t1rs they are all 9.5 et38. these im selling outright for £1000 these are 5x112 which are very rare to come across as most are 5x114.3

    I am struggling for photos right now so if anyone is interest text me on 07595420513 and i can send photos instantly im always able to talk also if there are any questions.
  2. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    how much for the whole car ?
  3. P3SH

    P3SH DUBster

    Can you post some pictures of the Recaro's, would be interested.

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