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Split hose under inlet manifold.

S3-Oski Oct 3, 2010

  1. S3-Oski

    S3-Oski Member


    Not so long ago i found some split pipework coming form the hockey puck/disc thing:think:, it was various elbows and a few hoses, i got the new bits at Audi for about 80 odd quid:Flush:.

    I now can see another spilt in one of the hoses a small elbow under the inlet manifold, i want to replace a few bit under there when i fix this as its getting annoying splitting,

    I understand that people make up there own pipework

    , where could i get this?

    as i do not really want to justify spending silly money on some rubber pipe that will eventually just split again, thanks
  2. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    Yeah there was a record breaking thread by ollieh i think about catch tank. Getting rid of alot pipework. Didnt fancy it myself. Check out dpm site, they sell silicone replacements for the weak hoses, look tidy and standard.
  3. rossbrownlee

    rossbrownlee Ross_S4

    Do you mean on this hose?

    Here is one looking down by the right hand side of the inlet manifold (APY)
    Imageshack - p1010806q.jpg

    Here is one looking down on the inlet manifold, bout half way along from above.
    Imageshack - p1010807a.jpg

    and finally here is a view from in front of the inlet manifold looking towards the block, that is the dipstick tube on the right.
    Imageshack - p1010808g.jpg
  4. S3-Oski

    S3-Oski Member


    hi mate its hard to tell, i could get a picture up tomorrow after work, its like an elbow that runs from lots of pipework that leads to the hockey puck thing, ??

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