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Spings for a sport model

qA4Blake Jul 12, 2004

  1. qA4Blake

    qA4Blake New Member

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has put lowering springs on an A4 Sport model. I no that the suspension is lower than stock but i not sure if you have to have different aftermarket springs than a regular A4. Im looking at H&R springs so i wanna know if they will fit before i buy them.
  2. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    No problem there. If you want springs, just make sure that you get springs for the correct model and year. It doesn't matter if your current springs are the stock or sport springs. It only matters that if you have a 2000 A4 2.8 that you buy springs for a 2000 A4 2.8 Do not get springs for a 2000 A6 2.8 or a 2000 A4 1.8t or a 2004 A4 2.8 - get my point?
  3. Also consider upgrading the shocks at the same time. If you put lowered springs on the car, the standard shocks will not last as long as they should. Most shocks are designed to work with a specific spring height, so using standard shocks with a 30-40mm drop would be a bit of a mis-match.

    You're likely to get a better degree of comfort from changing the shocks aswell - Try to find a combination that is well regarded within the A4 community. I know that generally speaking Bilstien shocks are good quality, and Eibach springs aren't too bad either. Whether they work well together, I'm not sure.

    So can anybody help ga4blake out? Anybody know of a tried-and-tested spring/shock combination for the A4 Sport?

  4. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    Neuspeed springs.
    H&R springs.
    Bilstein shocks.
    Koni shocks.

    Any combination of these is good. The Eibach springs had a poor reputation for sagging over time. I don't know if this was remedied recently.
  5. K212

    K212 Member

  6. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    There are loads of combinations as i have spax shocks and HR springs as reccomended to me by AMD and they were not wrong...
    It handles great..

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