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Speedo question

biggiep Aug 3, 2010

  1. biggiep

    biggiep Member

    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm loving my 07 s3 still but just have a quick query, I have a motorbike and one thing a lot of us do is have a "speedohealer" fitted so we get a more accurate reading. I've never heard of it being put on a car before but my s3 is absolutely spot on throughout the speed range on 4 different GPS units, and 3 different makes! Normally have had at least 5-7 MPH at 70 but this is spot on all the time and past.

    Is this something people can have done or have I just got a random one which shows the bang on right speed.

    On a side not loving my 09 Lights which really do modernise the car!

    Thanks for listening :)
  2. Pii

    Pii Member


    My car is 1 or 2 miles out from the Sat Nav I have so good for you! Seeing a different aggitates me for no apparent reason.

    09 lights indeed modernize the rears indeed. Glad you are enjoying the S3.

    Any plans?
  3. biggiep

    biggiep Member

    I think I'm gonna go with a GIAC map, I prefer the smooth curve to their power charts, looks more usable to me than the revo. Just not many dealers in north west, just one in Burnley.

    Other than that it'll stay pretty much standard, car still has less than 11k miles on it haha! But am thinking I might go the sachs clutch upgrade at same time as the map, even though it will only be stage 1 I kind of want a harder clutch with more feel.

    Weird with the speedo thing I kind of thought all cars were set to have a bias so they show they are going quicker than they are. Ah well I shall just accept its bang on but must remember for motorway cruising, but cruise control make that sooo much easier :)

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