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Speedo pulse wire?

dik Sep 6, 2007

  1. dik

    dik Member

    Hi All,

    My Audi is currently a guinea pig for a taximeter (my fathers business is going to be selling taximeters and i`m fitting them).

    Therefore the audi gets the first one!!!

    My instructions say I need the pulse wire from the car for the meter to work out its distance, however the list of cars shows the pulse wire as the back of the clocks, blue plug, pin 28 (green). Okay so its brown and it doesnt work.

    Also there is another list which says go to the radio and pick connector 3, pin 1 for the gala pickup. But is this still the speedo pulse?

    Any help would be appreciated..

    the car is a 04 a3 sline, symphony II.



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