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Speedo and Rev Counter backlight?

ChrisJL Jan 4, 2013

  1. ChrisJL

    ChrisJL Member

    Hi All,

    This might sound like a rather dumb question but, Should the Speedo and Rev Counter be backlit when you set your lights in the off position?

    I have the light sensor on my car so I have the option of Off / Auto / Side Lights / On (then I can put front and back fogs on when in the On position)

    I only ask because in all my previous cars, my Honda Civic Type R for example the rev counter was always well lit. In other cars the dashboard lights would change brightness depending on if I had my headlights on or off (I forget if they got a little dimmer with them on or brighter). But never the less the speedo and rev counter would always be back light regardless of the lights being on or off.

    Now I have a little control by the light controls that I can spin to supposidly adjust the lighting to the dashboard but i've sat there fiddling with that and none of the lights appear to be getting any brighter or dimmer.

    Is this the correct behaviour with the dial and the dim rev counter and speedo? or am I the one being Dim? :)

    Thanks :)
  2. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    I think it's a safety feature that is supposed to remind you to turn your lights on. i.e if its dark the instrument cluster is dim. You'll notice when it's light outside the instrument cluster is lit. In one of my older Audi's this could be changed with VCD's (it was called needles and pins). The newer Audi's don't appear to be changed this way.
  3. ChrisJL

    ChrisJL Member

    Ahh thank you :) Now you've said that it does make sense. The dim instrument cluster does do the trick by making me pop the car lights onto anything other than off. I only really noticed when its been light outside but perhaps a little overcast but still perfect light in my opinion and no one else on the road has their lights on. Yet my auto lights felt the need to come on, but as soon as I switched them off my instrument cluster I would be dim and so then begrudingly put it back to auto.

    While I might not necessarily like that or agree with it at all times when it feels its too dark outside. I have to say in fairness it makes sense as a good safety feature because in my old Honda I did once forget to put my lights on when initially pulling off due to the instrument panel always being so bright.

    Hmm I bet the new A3 probably has the same safety feature too... #

    Thank you again for your reply :)

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