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Speed trap detectors

Jimgrim77 Oct 18, 2012

  1. Jimgrim77

    Jimgrim77 Member

    Having just read that the government has ended 6 years of uncertainty over speed trap detector usage with its comments that it will now not be banning such devices, I'm just wondering what equipment audisport users are running if any?
  2. Yohan87

    Yohan87 Guest

    The police typically use laser and the guns get a reading of your speed so quickly that by the time your detector goes off and you react, they'll have your speed.

    Laser jammers can do the job however I don't think their legality falls in to the same category as you're describing.

    Radar detectors are fine for the older Gatso's that still make use of radar but again they are prone to spurious alarms and the detection range is **** compared to GPS based detectors.

    All in all, it's easier to stick to the speed limit :)
  3. ScottD3

    ScottD3 I want your faulty electronics Supporter Team V6 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8 Team Akoya saloon TDi

    Cruise control and my eyes.

    Same as Yohan, its easier to just stick to the speed limit really.
    Boring and old man I know but I've had enough of speeding tickets and getting pulled over.

    But I have heard that the garage openings throw off the guns that the coppers uses but you need to prove you have that system at home and not bought the sender to trick the guns.
  4. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    iPhone app, Cameralert, costs less than a quid. Lets you know where they all are and what speed you are doing. Also works out your average through specs zones.
  5. S3 TAM

    S3 TAM Pocket now empty

    Iphone app :- Trapster awesome app and it's free
  6. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    POI Lite - again free. I use in whenever I visit London as that place is like a minefield of cameras!

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