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  1. imported_Nigma

    imported_Nigma Guest

    Got a bit of a problem.

    My employers landlord has put speed bumps leading up to all of the buildings. These speed bumps are pretty harsh, in that you have to pretty much stop to go over them, If you have a fairly low car chances are you will also hear some scraping.

    Anyway, many people here have started having problems with their cars. Such as exhausts being clipped, shocks wearing out too quickly and creaking of suspension etc..
    The company I work for, have said it is not there responsibility and have passed over the landlords address. Somebody has also attempted to claim from the landlords insurance company, but were turned down because "there is no proof that the bumps was the cause".

    Any ideas on what we can do? (Bear in mind that the land is private property)

    Thanks Anand
  2. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    Always a dificult one. If enough of the employee's could put pressure on the employer, then the employer as a tenant could put pressure on landlord. Though it is not obvious to me that the landlord has to actually do anything about it.

    What may work is to complain to the local city council's roads department. I think, that any road that is open to public access must conform to certain by laws, therefore, since speed bumps form part of the access roads, they too should conform (even assuming that the road has limited or restricted public access since it is privately owned). So, perhaps a letter/phone call to your local council will sort this out?

    I would think the council cannot or will not modify the bumps but may be able to request/force the landlord to do this. If the landlord decides to make a private road accessible then I would imagine that he must comply?

    While the above makes logical sense to me, it may or may not be British law??? :))))
  3. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Suggest you provide proof e.g. photos of cars grounding out over the bumps - would appreciate a photo of them here.

    They may be in breech of the planning conditions when the road was constructed, the local council may help here.
    Also you may wish to consult the emergency services. If they need quick access the bumps may prevent that.

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