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Speed Camera Jammers!!!

PTTM May 10, 2008

  1. PTTM

    PTTM Pedal to the Metal!!!

    Hey all,

    Just found a new piece of equipment that you put into your cars grill and when you come within a certain vicinity of another electrical item, once installed, it activates it. Whether that is used for electrical gates or turning your lights on in front of your house.

    The other upside of this lovely little item is that it also Jams speed camera vans and lasers. :yahoo:

    Completely legal, so im told, if you have it attached to a piece of equipment at your house, as above.

    The equipment is called the Target LT450 and an earlier version was shown on Fifth Gear a while ago.

    Does anyone have this installed?
    Comments on it if you do please....

  2. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    I've heard about other items which do pretty much the same thing (apart from the whole garage door thing). It jams the lazer/radar gun for a few seconds to give you time to slow down. During this time the cop has 'error' come up on his gun as you jam it (errors apparently come up quite a few times when used in normal situations so will not be suspicious to the police). He then tries again and the gun will work fine, hopefully by which time you'll be sticking to the speed limit. Needless to say, this item IS illegal because it's specifically used for this purpose. Sounds like the same sort of people have come around this problem with the item you've just posted about. Household use, just one of the side effects is that its blocks their radar guns!

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