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Speed Camera Backlash Continues!

Moresauce Feb 5, 2003

  1. Moresauce

    Moresauce Member

    The backlash against speed cameras is growing and it won't be long before someone gets hurt. Detectives in Northamptonshire are investigating an explosion by a speed camera on the A605 at Thrapston.

    The camera was destroyed and metal fragments were found fifty feet away.

    Whilst many cameras in Northamptonshire have been vandalised or driven into, this is the first one to be blown up.

    Detective Constable Alison Farr, of Kettering CID, said on Tuesday night: "We are treating this crime extremely seriously, it was an unbelievably irresponsible act.

    The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    "The force of the explosion forced metal right across the road and had someone been driving past at this time, the occupants would have been seriously injured or killed."
    The electronic parts of the £25,000 camera were left hanging out after the attack, which took place between midnight on Friday and 10.30pm on Saturday.
    Experts from the Army's explosive ordnance disposal team have examined the scene and taken items for further examination.
    In recent months cameras nationwide have been vandalised in spectacular fashion, including the 'necklace' tactic where a tyre is placed over the device and it is set alight.
    Det Con Farr said: "Officers are looking into whether or not the incident is linked to similar attacks across the country."
  2. Matthewbaldry

    Matthewbaldry Member

    I live about 10 miles from this camera, and we are constantly plagued with them, in all varietys, truvelo, average speed, handheld and loads of the bloody vans.

    They are really kicking off about this one though trying to say a passing motorist could have been killed. They are trying to scare anyone from copying it thats why they have brought in the army bomb disposal experts and start talking about murder. Talking about bombs is ridiculas though, a firework sonds more realistic.

    If you notice from the picture the sides of the box are still intact (therefore no debry on road) so for it to have endangerd passing motorists is laughable.

    It follows a campaign of necklace (the tyre on fire thing) spraying lenses and one was shot with a shotgun. Obviously I have no links with anybody involved, would like to shake their hand though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif


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