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rockstar Sep 21, 2004

  1. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    can anytell me if this sounds wrong...just had a sony hu fitted and the front speakers sound powerful,and pretty loud,my rear speaker are really low and dont seem to have any major power,is it that the front are only amped and the rear arnt,the a4 is a new shape spec and was originally fited with the standard concert hu without bose,have the fitters done something wrong or is this normal...?i had also used the autoleads part to connect the hu unit so to have the system amped....

    have also tried messing with the speaker setting etc and nothing makes a difference to the rear speakers..

    the sub is working as it should be aswell ...

  2. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    I believe that is the problem,the original amp that audi fit is less powerful than my new amped head unit i have had fitted,thus the front speakers drown out the rear... can i wire the rear speakers to the new head unit amp? how would i go about doing it and would it be easy ?....thanx.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The rear amp is only 25w, so will be drowned out by the HU's internal amp driving the fronts. HU amps tend to be jacked right up to get the most power from them. Also most HU's now kick out 45-60w peak, so it will be twice as loud as the original Audi amp.
    Unless you are going to install a 4 channel amp for all the cabin speakers, I would wire the rear speakers up to the rear speaker outputs on the HU. Just disconnect the existing wiring from the rear speakers and run new quality speaker cable back to the HU. You may have to unscrew the rear amp from the left rear speaker as it is usually integral to the speaker wiring, but you may be able to get to the connections if you're lucky.
  4. rockstar

    rockstar Member

    thanx,your correct the front speakers are at least twie as loud!think the hu is amped to about 50w...not surprising the quality has changed!
    my knowledge of car i.c.e is currently pretty low (so excuse any obvious questions!)
    the hu has another two connection points for speakers an guessing this is the place to connect to as the other two pins for speakers are connected next to these,the connections are made with two pins (red/blk?)can i buy speaker wire with these connections on the end ready?

    how do i go about getting at my rear door speakers? do i have to remove the door cards if so how easy?
    how do i take the new wires to the hu? (best way?)

    dont think i can keep with the current set up as the rears are pointless currently...

  5. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    [ QUOTE ]
    AndyMac said:
    Do you have rear deck speakers (parcel shelf) and rear door or just rear door?
    If it is just rear door, then you will need to access either the trim panel on the door pillar (where the existing speaker cable comes through the door grommets), or run the cable all the way to the rear doors by taking the door panels off.
    The rear speaker outputs from the head unit should be on standard bullet connections, so you can either buy some red bullet connectors, or try and get cable with the connections already there (unlikely). Whichever way, remember to enbsure you connect +ve to +ve, and -ve to -ve, otherwise you will get cancellation with the fronts.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Andymac, Could I do this with the active speakers in my A4? Disconnect the built-in amp, and then wire the existing speakers straight up to the reaer speaker outs on my Alpine HU?


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