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turbodan May 10, 2007

  1. turbodan

    turbodan Member

    Ive got a 1999 A3 TDI sport, with the standard audi stereo system.

    2 x front door speakers & tweeters.
    2 x rear door speakers.
    1 x audi sub in boot.

    Ive had a Sony MP3 XPLOD unit installed, but the trouble is, the audi
    speakers aint up to much anymore, and are **** at handling bass!

    I just wondered if anyone had upgraded there whole speaker system in their car and which speakers would be recommended?

    Ive only got about a £500 budget for which id ideally like...

    2 x Replacement front door speakers
    2 x 6 x 9's in an accoustic parcel shelf
    1 x Sub
    1 x Amp

    (will just bypass the rear door speakers)

    Plus someone to fit it all!

    Can anyone give me a general price for what i should be paying

    And if anyone could recommend any good places in Leeds to get it fitted?
  2. TejS

    TejS New Member

    There is no point fitting 6X9s plus a subwoofer. Just get some good components up front, and a good subwoofer, both running of external amps, and then maybe connect the existing rear speakers to your head unit for rear fill if you want.

    The A3 is a bitch to work with, since there is only 50mm depth for the front mids, and the speakers are mounted on thin cardboard. Spend a good chunck of your budget sound proofing the creating a good mounting surface on the front door cards.

    Buying second hand of ebay will allow you to get really high quality components. If you budget £200 for the sub + amp, £150 for the components + amp, and then use the rest for cables/sound proofing.
    Fitting is a little more complicated than a normal car due to the way everything has been wired up. Use the search facility if you want more detail, there is loads of posts on this subject.
  3. turbodan

    turbodan Member

    Cheers fot the info :)

    Will look into it.
  4. Emmo

    Emmo Member

    I've just completed the upgrade on mine, replaced speakers all round with alpine components up front (5.25"inch and 6.5" 2-ways in rear), mines is a 3 door. These are powered by a 4 channel alpine amp and I also have another 2 channel alpine amp running a 12"sub in the boot.
    It sounds very nice, loud and clear!
    Make sure whatever speakers you get have a smalll mounting depth as in the front doors theres not much room at all and my speakers just fitted in.
    If you want any more info pm me

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