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speaker sizes for Cabriolet 1997?

imported_silversurfer7 Mar 6, 2005

  1. Hi there. I have been after getting some new speakers for my car for some time, but have never been sure of the size. Can anyone tell me what speaker sizes drop in as standard into my car?
    I think its 4" on the dash, and 5"1/2 on the back panels, but I'm not sure.
    Also regarding fitting, if I take the current speaker grills off do I then have access to the speaker? Or would I have to take the dashboard apart etc..

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I think it was accurate. I will have more information on this in a few days. I have found a good website or two about removing the doors. Since I will be replacing atleast the back woofers. Probably will also unhook the rear tweeter. And install a tweeter and maybe some woofers in the front. Or a 4" fullrange in the front.

    The front woofer I have looked at. It's a 4" with 3 screws, yes 3, in my car at least. To take the front grills off, you stick something that will fit in the grill hole (i use awl or icepick). Then stick the thing in a grill hole in the side of the grill the push upwards. Paper clip might work well too.
  3. thanks for the advice jimmy. Gonna have a go taking the grills off today, I thought it was those sizes as well.

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