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Speaker/indicator buzz - RNSE/SDS install

Nickl Jun 17, 2010

  1. Nickl

    Nickl Active Member Team Panther Audi S3 TTRS

    have just installed rnse and sds hack, cars been coded for mfsw, Bose and Bluetooth and Bluetooth module has been coded but am having some issues:

    - when I use the indicators they now seem to make a the indicating noise through the speakers (alot louder and buzzier than usual, doesnt happen all the time but very annoying when it does.. only happens when there's no music playing)

    - get a strange fuzz through the speakers when the cars turned on

    - get a noise through the speakers when the cars turned off (only when no music playing)

    any ideas? And does anyone know what this wire in the picture does? isn't connected to anything (wasn't on the previous concert either)


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