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spark plugs for 2.8 v6 24v 100 quattro

imported_my_audi_is_brok May 25, 2005

  1. hi all i want my audi to go a bit faster and i need to replace the plugs any way so is there any better plugs,the ones i have in it at the moment are audi/vw ngk 3 arm ones, and the ones i had in my old engine ( before the cam belt went ) were ngk 2 arm ones, but i have seen some 4 arm ones and wondered if they were any better. or is it just as well to go to the old single arm ones that just about ever other car on the road has!. i have also seen some plugs that my mate uses in his race go-cart which dont have any arms at all the spark just discharges to the ring round the plug, and they are used for racing so wonder if thay were any good.

    if any one can help me as my car is driving like a 1.8 not a 2.8 at the min

    cheers mike

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