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Spare rims 2014 S3

msdmjb Apr 14, 2014

  1. msdmjb

    msdmjb Well-Known Member

    Hello all, I am picking up a new S3 later this year and have started thinking about other things I need to sort out.
    One of those things is a spare set of wheels to put winter tyres on, I think I would prefer a set of 17s or maybe even 16s and they don't have to be Audi wheels but preferably so.

    I have looked online for replacement wheels and can't find online retailers listing the 2014 S3.

    Anybody know where I can get a second set of Audi wheels (without paying thru the nose) or a third party set? I havent yet spoken to a dealer but anybody enquired before?

  2. s3 owner

    s3 owner New Member

  3. VeeDubDan

    VeeDubDan Active Member Team Monsoon

    16s won't fit over S3 brakes, and only some 17s do (just). You really need 18s to be sure.
  4. DickiePhitt

    DickiePhitt Active Member VCDS Map User

    Basically same question as OP so won't start a new thread. Good topic for summer though.

    I too have S3 on order - will be November by the time I see it I suspect. Rather than subject new alloys to winter salt I'm considering getting a cheap set of alloys off Fleabay and fitting winter tyres.

    Aesthetics aside - What is PCD of S3 hubs? Is the PCD of the hubs on the current S3 the same as other VAG cars? i.e how much choice do I have when looking for wheels to fit the S3?
  5. Marc18

    Marc18 Well-Known Member

    Should still be 5x112 pcd with a centre bore of 57.1. Plenty choice in 5x112 and if needed spigot rings can be used to alter the centre bore
  6. N3DXT

    N3DXT Member

    I bought some 18 inch A4 rims to run on my golf R last winter, the centre bore was bigger but I got round that with Spigot rings, offset (47) was fine, they are 18 x 8 instead of 18 x 7.5 but the tyres are still 225 / 40 /18 just with a little stretch. I'm planning or using them on the S3 this year.



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