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SPAM fron Audi-Sport.net?

dope Aug 31, 2010

  1. dope

    dope alcoholic pervert

    Got this in my email. Anyone else getting similar?

    Reply to thread 'cinema under the stars'

    Dear dope,

    jonusb3 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - cinema under the stars - in the Home Cinema, Hi-Fi and Gadgets forum of Audi-Sport.net.

    This thread is located at:

    Here is the message that has just been posted:
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    There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again.

    All the best,

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  2. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    He is a spammer...a soon to be banned one,please delete the message
  3. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Aye, as Jase points out - it's a spam post to the board; so it's a very much indirect spam email - The server's not spamming you, it's just giving you an email notification of a reply to a subscribed thread.

    Alas there are some pretty tricky (to tackle) methods of spamming forums on the rise at the moment - we've got a pretty decent 'human verification system' in place for registrations, which stops the vast majority of bots from being able to register and spam the boards here. There are perhaps one or two which have evolved to get around those measures, but to be honest they're not massively effective, and the HV system we use will (probably sooner rather than later) put a block on those too; the REAL problem comes when the spambots aren't actually spambots, there's an increasing amount of human-generated forum spamming going on, with folks in less developed countries being paid $0.01 per hour to physically register to boards to post spam. That's quite difficult to get around, but the stirling efforts of the mods here keep its effect very much to a minimum.

    Apologies for the generated email, if it becomes a regular problem (unlikely), the best thing to do might be to alter your thread notification settings - but I wouldn't worry about it unless one email becomes much more of a torrent...

    All the best,

  4. dope

    dope alcoholic pervert

    Cheers guys. Thanks for jumping on it so quick.

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