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Spacer question (sorry)

andytaylor1980 May 18, 2013

  1. andytaylor1980

    andytaylor1980 Member

    Hi im looking to buy some spacers for my a4 B8 quattro , ive had a look on here but can only find thread in the B7 forum . does anyone run these and if so which ones and what size ?


  2. 5102 IA

    5102 IA Member

    I've spent some time on these over the last few weeks. I tried the cheaper options first, then ended up going down the dearer route in the end 9H&R) as wheel wobble is an issue if you have original equipment wheels with the beveled inside edges. If you have, then regardless of spacer size, its essential from my experience, that you get spacers with a raised tapered beze in the middle to correctly seat the OE wheels - without these wobble is common, as the wheel does not seat correctly, so flat spacers are a definate no no.
    In terms of the look youre after its very much personal preference and depends on what of- set your current wheels are.
    As a guide B8 OE wheels are usually et43 and for me, with this offset, a 5mm spacer on the front, 10mm on th rear is ideal.
    I did have 10mm front and 15mm rear, but whilst this looked ok on my winter tyres, when I swapped to summer tyres (same 255/35 19 size) the larger rim protectors stuck out a little too far for my liking and it looked like I had spacers.... or the wheels from another car, just not subtle enough for me. Again the spacer size you'll want will also depend on the brand of tyres you're running.
    With regard to the wobble issues, its ussually the 5mm spacers that are problematic as they are usually flat, to machine from a billet and include the raised bevel is difficult on 5mm - Black Forest Industries (USA) is the only company that I've found that have the correct style in the 5mm spacer.
  3. g00se

    g00se Active Member

    all spacers for 4wd cars MUST be hubcentric (ie the "raised tapered bevel in the middle" that 5102 refers to)

    you can pick up H&Rs or Eibachs for a B8 on eBay.. or try ECS

    Home Page > B8WheelSpacers - ECS Tuning Inc

    hope this helps!


    EDIT: Even ECS caviat their website by saying....

    Please Note: Wheel spacers that measure 2mm to 8mm may not allow hubs to protrude enough to keep wheels hubcentric. Please, before ordering, measure to ensure that you will have enough hub extending past the spacer to make contact with the center of the wheel. Adhering to this step will ensure a vibration free ride in your vehicle.
  4. andytaylor1980

    andytaylor1980 Member

  5. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    I've just put 15mm FK spacers on the back of our Avant bringing my LMs out to ET30 which I think is just about right... 10mm fronts are now on the way!

    I found buying from FK direct was the cheapest option but they do come from Germany so can take a bit longer than ordering from the UK.


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  6. carl-1968

    carl-1968 A4 sold, lots of bits available, ask for details

    I have a set of le mans reps for my B7 Tdi 2.7, they are 19" and have an offset of ET45....and don't fit either front or rear?, If anyone can tell me what the best way to go with these ie what spacers and spigotts and length of bolts to source i'd be most grateful, thanks
  7. harra1979

    harra1979 New Member

    I have 15mm hubcentric on the rear and 12mm hubcentric on the front of my 3.0tdi quattro and i have 19" s4 style wheels.

    I originally ordered 10mm hubcentric for the front but when they came they would not mount correctly as the spiggot on the original hub hit the internal face of the spacer before the spacer was flush leaving a gap of approx 1.5mm between the original hub face and the rear of the spacer, so obviously this would not have been safe.

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