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miw615 Mar 22, 2013

  1. miw615

    miw615 Member

    Anybody got any tips or done any additional soundfroofing to their A3. My problem is I have been use to driving a big Merc and you just dont feel / hear a thing.

    I know the A3 is a "different kettle of fish" , but any advise / input would be much appreciated
  2. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    well going back to my boy racer days... when I swapped out the speakers in a vw polo 6n for components... I used dynamat... but i noticed something special about it... it actually reduced road noise by quite a bit... and I shoved extra dynamat behind the glove box too...

    under the bonnet... i brought a thick piece of fire proof sound deadening (also helps to keep moisture off engine components)... cannot remember which site from but i had a mechanic rivet it on... why did i do this? my tappets were knackered and this masked the problem and me feel good as a little boy racer...

    side thought... and I am no expert on this but I wonder if it would be possible... to change the engine mounts to lessen the vibration..may be some kind of flexible engine mount pieces?

    Read something about active vibration control a few years ago... think it is where the engine sounds are taken into a microphone or something and directed elsewhere but i may be talking out my bum on that one.
  3. miw615

    miw615 Member

    Interesting comments, thanks - I was wondering if there may be a "ready made" kit for the A3



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