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Sorted suspension and tyre wear

vanilla_ice Dec 2, 2007

  1. vanilla_ice

    vanilla_ice Active Member


    Forgive me if this sounds dumb but I have a query regarding sorted suspension and tyre wear.

    I am currently contemplating upgrading the shocks, springs, ARB's, tie bars and then having laser alignment on my 2001 S3.

    I was wondering if once set up correctly, should I expect more or less tyre wear?

    Currently my fronts (and rears to a lesser extent) are wearing out on the inside edges - common on the S3 I believe? People who have sorted out their suspension say the car feels more planted etc. Is this because the tyres have more contact with the road? By that I mean more even wear across the tyres, not just the inside edges.

    All opinions appreciated!


  2. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    It depends on how you drive, I think.

    I ran a lot of negative camber at the front and had even tyre wear as it was scrubbing the outside edges when pushing on, and wearing the insides by running lots of negative camber.

    Overall, I think you'll wear tyres more...because you have more grip, you'll drive faster through bends and get the power down earlier...both of which will wear tyres.

    If you do lots of miles every year, you may want to set things up a shade less aggressively to maximise tyre life...I ran lots of negative camber and a fair bit of toe out (both of which wear the inside edges) but I did a lot od back road driving with little motorway stuff...so I wasn't too bothered.

    On the subject of tyre wear:
    Lower it and don't fit the rear adjustable tie bars and you'll find out what heavy inner tyre wear really is!

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