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Sorry but stereo question.

wagon Sep 3, 2009

  1. wagon

    wagon cock locked and ready to rock


    got a standard concert stereo back in my s3 as it was doing my head in having an aftermarket one in there, whining away. any way. went to audi to get my code for the unit, which works.

    but every time i turn the car on it goes back into safe mode.

    the stations and bass/trebble settings are all the same as they were before.

    i can get hold of vagcom. so is there a way of disabling it asking for the code.

    oh and does anyone have a spare CD changer cartridge or know other then ebay where i can get one that will fit...... TAPES ARE RUBBISH.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You just need to reverse the perm live & ignition on live. Audi wire them back to front so when you had an aftermarket HU they would have been switched, so you just need to switch them back as the stock HU keeps losing it's memory feed power so keeps thinking the battery has been disconnected whenever you switch the ignition off.
  3. wagon

    wagon cock locked and ready to rock

    cool, thanks andy (as always) another little question you may know about. if i turn my stereo up quite loud, i lose all base. you can hear the speakers cutting back.... im going to take the stereo out and take a picture of my wireing. so you can take a sneak peak.

    its quite annoying, as when you turn it down just a little bit the base kicks in....

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