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Sorry! Another RS4 Wheel Question!!

mountainmile Dec 25, 2007

  1. mountainmile

    mountainmile New Member

    Assuming someone can help with my other post below in relation to springs needed for a 2005 A4 S-Line ,ill push my luck and post the follow up question now.I may change the wheels on the car from 18" RS6 (OEM)to the new style RS4,s (But replicas due to cash restraints and obvious fitment problems with OEM RS4,s).Does anyone have pics or advice on fitting replica RS4,s to this car with regard to width,offset etc?.I know i can buy 18" replicas no problem but to be honest none ive seen look right on the cars ive seen them on.I know i cant get the very same look as the OEM,s due to the arch issues and offsets but someone may have a pic or advice of a car that looks well with this fitment.(Again,any ive seen in Dublin were obviously fitted by owners just after the latest style wheel and without sounding too uppity....they obviously dont realise the result they got just doesnt look "right")Basically id like to fit em but id stick with the RS6,s rather than RS4,s that look sunk into the arch,s due to the spoke design.

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