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Soon to be an owner of an Audi Q5

christina123 Sep 12, 2009

  1. christina123

    christina123 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    This will be my very first Audi purchase! My baby will be here in December (hopefully). I have ordered the Q5 3 litre tdi in white. I dnt know much about cars at all. I test drove the Audi and the new Lexus and fell in love with the Audi. It cost me an arm and a leg by the time I had added on all the extras. I do hope I have made the right choice! :happy:
  2. Raj_S3

    Raj_S3 New Member

    Hi Christina

    A good choice! I have recently placed an order myself for a black Audi Q5 3.0tdi with plenty of extras...

    Which options did you specify on your car?

    Hope you got a decent discount as well, I know i had to fight for weeks to secure a reasonable discount..

    Best wishes


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