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Sony Minidisc Player - MDX M690

Orts Apr 18, 2011

  1. Orts

    Orts Member

    **Mods, please move this if you are not allowed to post up for sale threads in the ICE section...although it is ICE I am selling and there isnt an ICE For Sale forum? :S **

    I have a Sony Minidisc MDX M690 for sale, looking at £50 for it, was over £250 new a few years ago. It has the connector wires still attached and a new cage for it to slot into. I dont have the box it came in or the instruction manual.

    The details of the system are listed below, the main reason i bought this (other than it being a minidisc player) is the dual front. You can have it up so its all closed black with scrolling text or flipped down - i had never seen this before in a head unit and it really does look good in your dash.

    Sound wise I cant fault it, perfect sound quality and even better if linked up to a system with an amp and sub. I have tried to take the best pics i can of the black face to show you there is no scratches or damage.





    Tecnical stuff:
    Features: SSIR-EXA ABC tuner, Can adjust the tuner bandwidth, depending on current environmental conditions. Improved sound quality and adjacent station interference result. DAB control, FM-18/MW-6/LW-6 Presets - using BTM (Best Tuning Memory), RDS/EON. Multi language, Dot matrix display, Multi colour display, Contrast Adjustment, Display dimmer, Key Illumination: red, Safety Commander interface: 3.5 mm, Sensor for IR commander (Hi-Band), Infra red (Hi-Band), Removeable front panel, Clock, Telephone Attenuator, ISO connector. MiniDisc: MDLP, Shock Resistant memory: 4 Mbit, 10 sec, Wide Bit Stream, Data Compression: ATRAC, ATRAC3, Digital filter: 8 fs, D/A conversion: 1 bit Frequency response: 10-20000 Hz, Signal to noise ratio : 90 dB, Repeat, Shuffle. CD Changer Control: CD Text, Custom file, CD/MD List function, CD Title/Scroll, Repeat, Shuffle. Amplifier: DSO (Dynamic Soundstage Organiser), EQ-7 (7-band Equalizer), separate Bass, Treble control, Loudness, Pre-amp output: Front and Rear (HPF - swicthable Highpass), Mono sub-output and swicthable Low Pass filter, Sub volume control.
    Specs: 4 x 27 W output power, 4 x 52 W maximum.

    Any offers, please PM me.

  2. linie

    linie New Member


    Do you still have the sony mdx-m690 for sale?

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