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Sony Amp in an A3, worked.....now doesn't

imported_tobycruse Nov 18, 2004

  1. Hello all, just wondering if any of you guys can help me, i have an audi symphony 2 head unit, i think thats the double din one, and i not so long ago had a sony amp plus 2 12" sony xplodes put in the boot. I payed a bloke to do it and it all worked fine until suddenly it stopped working. I checked all the fuses, all ok, I checked all the leads and they look fine, the only thing i can suspect is the remote low voltage connection from the headunit to the amp. I just got a set of head unit keys and got the thing out and it looked like it was connected ok. So why isn't the amp turning on? It the Sony XM-D1000P5 amp, are these known to go wrong?

    Any help you guys can give me would very much appreciated!

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Get a 12v testing screwdriver or multimeter and check that 12v is reaching the remote on connection on the amp, and that you have a good 12v+ on the perm live.
    Have you checked the main fuse for the amp power cable (near the battery)?
    Amps don't normally just die, you normally get some horrible sounds out of them or something to indicate a problem. I've worked with Sony kit before and wasn't that impressed with the quality of the components they use or their design. You used to be able to blow up the power IC's on their head units just by touching the RCA cable to ground. How pathetic is that? I'm sure they've improved and would definately check the above before ripping anything out.
  3. Ah, good idea with the multimeter!
    I had a look at the fuse next to the battery as your said and it looked fine. Do you know anywhere i could get a mulitmeter? Its something that would actually be very usefull so do u know anywhere i could get a good one? Thanks very much for your advice!

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