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somebody took my ass off...very long thread so apolgies if its like a diary!

s3 May 31, 2009

  1. s3

    s3 s3

    Well this happened on the 20th of april but been away from ASN so i thought id fill you in, and please comment on what you think....

    Ok then, travelling along minding my own business, and for the last mile a silver laguna travelling right up my backside, i indicated to turn right into the junction i was heading and the laguna slowed down also ,and then for no apparant reason, the guy floored it, spinning the wheels and smashed straight into the back of me then drove off, luckily i got the plate no....Pulled straight over rang 999, they didnt want to know and told me to go into the local station to report it....

    So went into the local station for the area i was in (newcastle under lyme) and they also didnt want to know and said there was no officers available to take a statement and they'd be out to see me in the next 3-4 days...
    As you can imagine, i was not impressed and told the duty officer this was disgusting, potentially the guy who run in the back of me could have been pissed, banned or whatever and they didnt have the staff! thanks....

    Not happy with this i went to another station local to my address, they WERE able to take the statement from me and to try and trace this other vehicle/driver..

    The officer who i spoke to said the car is registered as trade but there are no keeper details on the dvla system, so seemingly it looked like i was going to have to foot the bill or have an increase in premium if i went through my insurance...

    I contacted my insurance the next day and they, to be fair were really good, arranged for my car to be collected and for a like for like hire car, and all this was due to take place within the next couple of days.

    The next day i had a letter from the insurance to say that i would have to pay my £700 excess and would lose 2 years NCD, AND MY PREMIUM WOULD INCREASE. Not happy with this i rang the insurance back and said i would be putting the claim on hold as it might be cheaper for me to either get the car repaired myself or to wait and see what happens with regards to the third party. The insurance understood my position and agreed to put the claim on hold.

    Two days later i recieved a letter again from my insurance stipulating that they would not be able to hold my claim or proceed with it unless i had my car repaired.. So again, not happy with this i rang and explained that i was losing out for somthing that wasnt obviously my fault and that i pay my premium for my insurance so that it protects me on occasions such as this one....So after digging my heels in i recieved yet another letter to say they were confident that the third party car held a valid policy of some description and they could reclaim all the costs, so on that account my NCD were still protected and the excess to my vehicle would be waived...

    After i recieved this letter i authorised the repairs to my car, and this is where it gets interesting....

    The reccomended repairers were HOWARD BASFORD, a big and reputable place that specialise in only vag models and also the main repairer for all the vag main dealers, so seemingly i was confident it was going to a good home for the next couple of weeks..

    So the repairers arranged to collect my car from my home address and i agreed a time after 4pm as i would be working in the day.
    I waited for the collection and nobody turned up. I called the next day and the service manager said that they turned up and i wasnt in.? So i asked what time was this? he said "3pm", and i said well i said afer 4? and the response was "thats far to late to collect a car", so my response was, im very sorry but how do you go on for the people who work 9-5.30? And then i said he could collect the keys from me at work as its on the way from there depot if there were going to struggle for the time slot, and he replied "im sorry sir, we are far to busy to be chasing keys all over the county so i said well forget it then mate ill get another garage to carry out the repairs.. and then he said "after 4 is fine sir, see you then"

    Next day i waited and waited again and then a low loader arrives at 6.30pm. and the guy says, is it ok to take the vehicle without doing the vehicle checklist as ive forgotton it? And at this point i said forget it pal ill ring the insurance and find another garage...Im ready strangle somebody at this point, and i gave the bloke the benefit if the doubt and gave him the spare key and he promised me he'd collect whilst i was at work, and post me the vehicle checklist through the door...i agreed and left the situation at that...And next day, car was gone and checklist through the door.

    I recieved a phonecall a few days later and the repair had been autorised and would take around a week to do, I was more than happy with this as my 1.9automatic diesel astra was not match for the s3...

    The repairs had been completed on the 28th ofthis month to which the garage had informed me on the day previous, and arranged with me a time AFTER 4pm to drop my vehicle back with me on the 28th...
    So thurdday 28th may arrives and im looking forward to getting my pride and joy back...Phonecall early that day from the garage asking if it would be possible for somebody to drive my car back to me as all the trucks were out and they had "a couple of lads who lived my way", i replied, no im not happy for my car to be driven back as i purposly left the petrol low and it around a 25 mile drive, but as my hire car was going back at 6pm i had no other choice but agreed on this...
    I got home from work just after 4 and still not happy with this i decided on going up to the repairers and following my car home to see who and how it was going to be driven.....
    Arrived at the garage, sat in the hire car and waited.......
    30 mins later the car emerges with a youngish lad behind the wheel... car goes flying down the road, round the roundabout at the bottom of the road and back to the garage, this happens again with another guy, so at this point im steaming but wanna keep it cool so film the lot on my phone and carry on waiting until the car is going get driven to my address.....
    6pm the car leaves with another guy behind the wheel, followed by his lift i presume and then me following them to my house....Traffic was busyish so i was 5/6 cars behind but had them in my sights.. then a puff of smoke and the s3 vanished... im travelling very very quick to try and catch up but lost them completely and was unable to film on fone as battery was dying.....Almost home and i was ready for a full on confrontation but fone ring again and its the garage saying the car has had to be returned due to a "scraping noise" and this happened 1 mile down the road apparantly but id followed them for at lesat 7/8.... i knew instantly somebody waqs taking the pi** so as soon as i got home got straight on the phone but the garage was closed.... i was so angry, i knew some cheeky t**t had taken my car home and there was nowt i could do....
    Later that night made another visit to the garage, looked all round the carpark, in the bodyshops etc and no sign of it...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Friday morning got up extra early. borrowed a pals car and went straight to the garage and was going wait for the cheeky T**t to turn in work and then av him. Arrived at the garage at 7am and the bodyshop was already open and there sat my car on the carpark, confronted the guy in the bodyshop who swears it has been on the carpark all night, but as i know he's blatently lying i take the keys move the car and wait for the manager to arrive... Manager assures me the cars been there all night, has only been for a test drive and that im wrong.
    I say ok im sorry but how do you explain this.... showed him the videos on my phone and he went blank.....i said "dont know what your going to do mate but i want this sorting else im ringing the police, this is called taking a car without consent i.e theft and i didnt give you or anybody permission to take it home...and then walked out....
    Lter that day a phonecall of apology, and still claiming what i filmed and saw were testdrives? thrashing a £30k+ car as ridiculous speeds is not my idea of a testdrive... so i said ii want the car returning tonight, on a truck and i will take this further with either legal action or through the insurance...
    Friday night car arrives, but been driven to my address, are these people having a laugh!!! cant believe it, but signed for the car and was glad to have it back. car was clean job looked reasonable so was happy, pis*ed off at what id been through but waskeen to get compensated for the treatment i recieved....

    Checked milege on car extra 80 miles? what the F@*k? damage was only cosmetic so no mechanical testdrive is needed surely, so this was somthing else to take up with the garage....

    Got up sat morning sun was blaring so looking forward to a drive out in her...

    at this point ill tell you what was repaired and replaced through insurance....Rear bumper,tailgate,badges,slam panel,n/s rear light, bumper reinforcment bar, rear n/s quarter panel had to be pulled on the jig and repaired so this was also painted...

    Anyhows in the drive the missus said, good job eh/ i say not bad and then noticed the bumper looked slightly lighter in colour to the o/s quarter panel which hadnt been touched, got round to the damaged side and the colour difference stands out like a sore thumb the whole n/s quarter panel, bumper + tailgate are a different shade of black, totally lighter and looks dull....Again FUMING

    Straight back to the garage sat morn, got the bodyshop manager to have a look and he said yeah your right, whats it like in the shade?
    I said i dont give a **** what its like in the shade, in the sun its a diff colour and theres no excuse...
    He said ok we'llk hav it back and we'll flick the door and wing in....
    I said listen mate i dont want the car blending in in a different colour, i want it to be the colour that it was when it came in and i want it putting right asap!!!!
    Bodyshop manager says, could possibly be the make of paint and apparantly my insurance company dont stipulate ici products, and this could be the problem, and to this i said, please dont insult my intelligence, the mix is wrong so i want it sorting and i want it sorting asap, and another hire car etc and this is your final chance as what ive experienced so far is horrendous!!!

    Best they can do is mid june and i have got to insure their courtesy car..

    Now this is my experience so far and as far as im concerned, heads are going to roll on Tomorrow morning, its not going back to the garage at any cost, id rather pay for the paint work and take them court to reclaim my money back...

    oh and not to forget the lower spoiler on the bumper hadnt been replaced and still contains the scuffs from the accident..

    Please can somebody tell me why we pay insurance premiums?

    thanks for reading, sorry this is long winded but im just tring warn you of what goes on behind closed doors!!

    comments welcome

  2. 10blazin


    oh WOW mate i think id cry with temper ...there unbelievable a garage neer me fixed my car and the guy accually said great car it cant half shift i thought wtf you takin the pee...God knows what happened in the 2 weeks they had my car ...
    As for insurance it takes the pee i wouldnt have it if it was the days of having your tax and its sweet .... Because everyone and everything just want's your money i feel for you infact burn the garage
  3. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Took me a while to read this. Id be fuming if someone abused my car and then the work carried out was cr*p.

    Take it to audi and send your insurance the bill, would be my only suggestion to get it right.

  4. s3

    s3 s3

    forgot to add, when mentioning the 80 odd miles on the clock one of the managers said "we can put you some more fuel in"

    And is this the point when my cars had 80 abusive miles on it.....

    would like to see what the managing directors face would be like if his aston martin was taking a beating from his workforce....
  5. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    The same thing happened with my bloody golf - it had a clutch prob and i took it VW. As i live around 2 mins from the VW delership, i see my pride and joy doing 70 at least down a 30 road with speedbumps... i was p!ssed and obviously didnt pay to have my clutch switch changed.

    I live 2 mins from manchester Audi (chester rd) and regularly see A3s, A4s being thrashed hence why i havent used audi for anything! but the R8s, RS6s etc. seem to have policy where only managers can drive them as i have seen a few but they have been driven in an appropriate manner..

    I would have got onto the police mate as it TWOC (taking without consent).

    And use Audi for paintwork mate - now the Lifetime gurantee on rust has been voided unless it has been sprayed to Audi spec (same thickness etc.)

    Hoep you get it sorted mate...
  6. s3

    s3 s3

    ill be making sure audi will do the paintwork, as from my first thread i was messed about from day 1...and i believe ive been more than fair with them..
  7. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    ******* hell dude, long read but that's absolutely terrible - I do hope you take it further - I'm actually speechless... don't know what to say. Screwin'
  8. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    I had my ront bumper re-done from Audi due to stonechips but my mate works at their paint dept so wasnt worried - but they doen an awesome job - colour match is 100% spot on :D

    You have more than fair mate - rin insurance to let them know whats going on if you havent already and make sue you tell them not to pay...
  9. julians

    julians Member

    Howard Basford are ****, they're not a VAG specialist, they're just a big bodyshop that a lot of insurance companies use.

    I had a car repaired by them after an accident (paid for by insurance), they did a terrible job, paint didnt match, was bubbling after a couple of weeks etc, really shoddy. They had it back to rectify, but they never got it right, in the end I couldnt waste any mre time on it, so I sold the car.

    I would never let an insurance company make me use them again, I would insist on my own choice of repairer.

    Not much help to you, but at least you know they're consistently bad.
  10. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Is there an insurance ombudsmen or motoring standards agency you can get in touch with?

    I'm sure Auto Express or one of the big car mags do a name and shame for articles like this, which will help you get some leverage.

    They will have not only damaged your confidence in the industry, but also your residual value on an expensive personal asset. I never EVER let me insurance company decide where my car is going. I always take the car to the appropriate dealer and force them down that route as there are some notorious body shops about, and this is not a rare case.

    Best of luck sorting it, and rather than kicking off in full abusive mode, try and be VERY FIRM, but playing the conscience car on these f***ers, otherwise they will just close their doors and windows to you. Let them know who you intend to contact.
  11. Iggu

    Iggu Active Member

    A horror story.
    Show the manager of Howard Basford this thread - then post a similar thread on every VAG forum you can find and show him those threads. Show him a solicitor's letter. I know you'd probably like to show him a machete but you need to try to worry him into thinking the costs of continuing to treat you like a dirt are higher than the costs of sorting out the car properly.
    Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
  12. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member


    That reads like everyone's worst nightmare! I could feel my anguish rising as I was reading it.

    With regards to them 'test' driving it near the premises (or indeed home): you are never going to be able to pursue a criminal prosecution for that. When you hand the car in to be repaired, they assume the rights of ownership whilst the vehicle is in their possession, so, no theft or TWOC. Really I don't see that element of it going anywhere, as they will no doubt bend the truth to suit their purposes.

    If you haven't already done so I would diary all of these facts (including place, dates, times and conversations) and seek a representation with your insurance company to see if you could be compensated in anyway - however unlikely. Although you should certainly not have to put any money up for the remedial work.

    If it all goes Pete, as Warren said: Auto Express seems keen to champion these issues, if not maybe a Civil case (but I have no experience of those).

    As you and others have alluded to, I would definatley press for Audi to do the corrections.

    What ever happens I wish you the very best of luck as this is a nightmare of a situation!
  13. gixxer600k4

    gixxer600k4 Member

    its shocking isn't it. how dare they take the car without permission. when i had my car repaired, i was told the had replaced the reinforcement bar, which they didn't do, paint job was bloody shocking, the manager said that he couldn't see anything wrong with it, so i got pretty angry and asked if there was anyone in higher than him, he said not till next week, so i asked to see him next week, finally saw him and he couldn't believe how bad the paint job was, he got the painter and the manager to ask how on earth they couldn't see it. he seemed a very nice bloke, very apologetic, but none of us have any idea of what these people do, to our cars when they are in the garage. they should have cameras inside and out of the workshop and if anything goes wrong, then ask to see the recordings, if they are not able to show you then we should get our money back.

    i think you should go to a lawyer and see what the chances of you having a winning case on your hands. you have evidence that they took your car without permission and very dangerous driving
  14. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    Andy all i can say is suprised your not lost your temper!!! Really sorry to hear what happend with your pride and jot. You been more than fair and lets be honest. You do trust your insurance company and put your faith into them. I'd phone your insurance let them know whats going on and phone the police. Your car was suppose to be delivered to your address not to the some one else address. extra 80 miles i always check my miles before my car goes in any where, also take a photo to! Just to prove how many miles i had, and how much fuel!

    It's every driver worst nightmare. You have prove some one was driving your car like a nutcase. As Warren said im sure there a motoring standards agency you can contact will be able to help you out with this. You had a bump and then the service your getting and the way they are treating your car is terrible and how much are you paying to insure that car? I'd get a solicitor's involved.

    My dad had quite a few problems with this 1 series bmw 57 plate withing the first month. Every time Bmw took it in the car ended up coming out worst. After a month he got his solicitor involved. In the end he took it to another bmw garage in bristol who sorted it out. He has free servicing & m.o.t for the next 5 years. Discount on his next bmw, not sure how much. Had new tyres and alloys put on the car, full tank on collection, and when his car dirty he can take it down to them and they will clean it! But lets be honest he not gonna let them clean it. And all of this is on paper so they cant refuse the servicing, cleaning or discount :)

    I hope you get this sorted soon mate, and fight them they can not do what they are doing its terrible! You have every thing you need a video manager didnt really say any thing about the 80 extra miles that was put on the car! fight them mate

    Good luck

  15. boggysv

    boggysv Member

    Wow...that sucks...major ass.

    Dont have much to add in, other than to wish you good luck. Take a floral shower, maybe renovate your house with the help of a feng-sui master, and then go buy some rabbit's foot.
  16. HotboxDeluxe

    HotboxDeluxe automatic

    I can't believe it dude, reading that I was getting in a rage like it was happening to my own car :gun2:

    I had my Cinquecento Sporting :laugh: "fixed" by Howard Bastardford back in 1997, a great job it was not...

    I have no advice to give, apart from make sure you give their courtesy car hell - when you take it back the motor should be about 2 minutes away from dying. Make sure you do loads of speed-bump-jumps :whistle2:
  17. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    The Laguna wasn't registered to Howard Basford was it.......
  18. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Mate I would have definitely killed someone by now. Greatest admiration for keeping your cool through all this **** you have had to put up with. Does the video clearly show your number plate? If it does I wouldn't even let them go near the car again. Get to the Police or have a free half hour with a solicitor and find out where you stand and your options. I would sue their asses and actually take a couple of weeks off work to park outside their body-shop explaining to prospective customers how bad they are.....tossers!!
  19. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    shocking, staff need slappin then sackin
  20. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    The very reason I tell the insurance company who I am going to use!!!!

    Take no cr4p from them I would report it anyway so the cops keep an eye on them, you car could have been used for crime, also tell the insurance company, and the local papers!!
  21. WiZBiT

    WiZBiT Member

    Precisely why i dont have any insurance ;)

    Joking, but seriously, it makes you wonder :(

    Ive paid for the last 10 years, never claimed, i work it out to be around £8k for naff all! :puke2:
  22. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I've paid insurance for the past 44 years so I dread to think how much I've paid in total. But it's required by law and I would hate to be stopped by the police and have my car taken away and crushed because I was driving without insurance. I would also hate to be £24k out of pocket if I did put my own car into a ditch!

    Whenever my car has been involved in an accident, and so far none have been my fault, I have always taken my car for repair to a VAG bodyshop run by the dealer where I bought the car and have never had any complaints.

    A couple of insurance companies have tried to get me to take it to their 'approved' repairer but I've always said my car is covered by an VW or Audi bodywork warranty and this may be lost if the repairs are done by other than a VAG approved bodyshop. They have always backed down.
  23. Hellz

    Hellz Geordie Racer

    Disgusting, reading it last night genuinely p'd me off. Hope you manage to get some form of compensation - best of luck...

    I had to drop my car off today to have some sensors replaced - I avoided putting any petrol in and I took a pic of the mileage as I dropped the car off after reading the above :S

  24. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I instisted on that too without any issue though all I got was a Polo to run about in LOL.

    On the subject of crushing cars for no insurance, I'm guessing this is only under extreme circumstances like if you cant or refuse to pay for it? I feel that the laws for motorists are becoming draconian while others are becoming a joke.
  25. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    If fact the police can now sieze any car they stop that does not have current insurance and the car can be crushed. It is the only thing that is stopping people from driving without insurance.

    Personally that is one law and punishment that I'm fully in favour off.

    Here is some wording which explains the current situation

    "New powers now allow the police to seize, impound and crush any car found on the road without insurance. A pilot scheme was introduced in Durham last spring. Since then, police have impounded more than 1,200 cars. Of those around half have been crushed into cubes and packed off for smelting.

    Operation Takeaway as the pilot scheme was known, has been such a big success, that police forces throughout the UK are enthusiastically polishing up their tow trucks. The scheme is now supported by a new national police database that's supported by the insurance industry. It enables the police to check the insurance status of every car in the UK whilst they're sitting in their patrol car.

    Now if you're caught red handed without car insurance you're forced to hand your keys to the police at the roadside. There are no exceptions - this applies to everyone; it doesn't matter if it's just a forgetful mistake or conscious driving without insurance.

    Then you'll have to get your skates on! You've just 14 days to produce a valid insurance policy to the police and collect your car. And other costs mount up. Before you can collect your car, you have to pay the cost of kerbside recovery (around £105) and the cost of secure storage - and that could easily amount to £15 a day. So, if you leave collecting your car to the 14th day, you could be in for a bill for £315.

    And if you don't reclaim your car, off to the crusher it goes! "
  26. ADEY

    ADEY Member

    feel for you mate:sob:
    only advice i can give is whats already been said i.e. insist on Audi to rectify your paintwork
    great turn-out by the police...............................................................NOT!!
    keep us informed
  27. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    Most insurance companies will let you take it to your prefer garage, soo dealers/bodyshops it is!! It makes you soo mad tho, just reading it makes you wanna slap em up....
  28. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Thats not so bad with the 14 days to sort things if its been an oversight. The the costs can fair mount, bit like when the police steal, sorry remove you car for illegal parking :)

    Dont get me wrong, im all for making sure there aren't people on the road that shouldn't be (that includes those that are legally allowed to :rolleyes:) its just that in this country motorists are often such easy targets for money in the guise of safety & environmental issues. I also find amusing the way the powers that be can easy flaunt their own laws. Taking a car without permission is theft whether it be the police or not, even murder is legal when its sanctioned by the crown & called war LOL.
  29. WiZBiT

    WiZBiT Member


    I know its the law and I wasnt advocating going without :rolleyes:

    My point was, what is it actually paying for? It certainly doesnt appear to pay for quality service!

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