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Some Tips for your VW

volkspares Jul 28, 2009


What will u prefer for your holiday drive ?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2009.
  1. VW Van

  2. Audi

  1. volkspares

    volkspares New Member

    If you want to ruin your day, never take the time to properly maintain your Volkswagen's engine. This is a sure fire way to have your VW breakdown in the most remote of areas. Instead of tempting fate, why not learn how to keep your Volkswagen well maintained and working properly. Find out some easy steps here .

    Step I for maintaining Volkswagen Air Cooled Engine

    Check your oil levels every week. Engines run at extremely high temperatures and some models will burn through oil at an alarming rate. You do not want to run dry on oil. This will damage the engine to cease. Once this has happened, you either need a new engine or a new car. Both of these issues are extremely costly. Can you afford to be without your car for a lengthy amount of time?

    Step II for maintaining Volkswagen Engine

    Change your oil every 3,000 miles. After driving for a certain amount of time, oil becomes dirty and sluggish. Keeping the oil changed regularly reduces dirt circulating in the engine.

    Step III for maintaining Volkswagen Engine

    Another troublesome issue is the belts. With every oil change, you should have the fan belts and air hoses checked for wear and tear.

    Step IV for maintaining Volkswagen Engine

    Antifreeze should be changed every year. Have a professional flush out the cooling system and replace the tanks with new coolant. This can keep a radiator from developing leaks. :idea:
  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I'd love a VW camper but anyone I know who have owned one have had issues with reliability.

    When I go on holiday I want pretty much guaranteed reliability. I guess the new vans would offer that, but then some of the new soulless offerings are about £50k (which I can't afford) - there again a decent camper van is £25-30k.

    Oil change every 3k..... My oil is about £80 a gallon, so I'm glad I only have to change it every 10k!

    The more I think about it an Audi and a good hotel will suffice!

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