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Some simple mods - do you approve?

S3Si Nov 7, 2004

  1. S3Si

    S3Si Member

    I want to do some simple/obvious mods to my '01 (210) S3 and have been reading the threads and think i've come up with a list of stuff to do. Would be grateful if i could get a few comments, good or bad, just to reassure myself that i'm doing the right things. Also if you think any other mods would really complement the ones i list, please let me know, although i do have a very limited budget! Here goes:

    APR remap - they use 1 bar boost so thought this would be good on turbo life, apparently AMD use 1.4
    Samco intake hose only
    Uprated DV
    Greenstuff pads with original discs
    Aero wipers front and back (is the polo rear arm and touran blade definitely ok for the S3?)

    Thats it, not much i know, but i still can't wait to get it all done. Comments gratefully received.
  2. imported_Yaseen

    imported_Yaseen Guest

    There may still be a Group Buy going on for the vagparts Aero wipers, on "the other" forum but saw it a while ago so may have ended.

    Greenstuff pads, whilst being good, are supposed to not last that long so you may want to have a read by searching on here for alternatives.

  3. DuncS3

    DuncS3 Member

    I used to have APR and it defenitely ran more than 1 bar - something like 1.3 IIRC (unless you are talking about their original non Optimax chip - because they changed from around 1 bar to this better programme). AMD tend to run different boost pressures, one guy got 324 lb/ft at the last RR with an AMD remap, which would have to be at least 1.6 bar but saying that MTM run big boost and I havent heard of any issues.

    Re Greestuff - its exactly as Yaseen says - do a search as I think there may have been some problems with Greenstuff pads (not strong enough for a chipped S3 or something)

    Apart from that your list sounds good

  4. Avoid greenstuff, EBC do not recommend greenstuff for chipped A3 turbo's, so an S3 is a big no no to use greenstuff, they just are not up to the job. They recommend redstuff, but you wont see much gains really with standard discs imo. The group buy on www.Planet-Audi.net for the aero wipers has now ended but there are others who missed out this time round, like myself, that will be wanting some. Might be worth logging in there and see if we can get another lot together for a second group buy. As for the chip, its worth shopping round, spend the time on the phone to all the tuners and then settle on your personal preference. Spending those 30 mins or so phoning each one is well worth the time and effort.
  5. DuncS3

    DuncS3 Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Stuart_A3_Turbo said:
    Might be worth logging in there and see if we can get another lot together for a second group buy.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    or start one here /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

  6. [ QUOTE ]
    S3Si said:
    Thanks for the comments people.

    Think I will still try the greenstuff as some threads seem to suggest that for someone who rarely uses their brakes aggressively they work quite well and cut the brake dust which is a real pain in the ar*e.

    Will have to check out the GB Stuart, cheers for the lead.

    Only quoted APR as one bar as thats what they said on the phone, will give them another call and see if they vary this on occasions.

    Thanks again, although a couple more comments from others would be appreciated, pretty please...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No problems on the lead, more than welcome. I want some too so hopefully we can get another group buy. As for the greenstuff, i was told by EBC themselves that they were not suitable for my A3 so they definately wont be for the S3. Id be careful, braking is a major thing and something you dont want to take lightly.
  7. a mate has just fitted a polo wiper to his r32 and its the opposite hand to my rear wiper ??? his is to the right (looking at rear of the car mine is to the left when in parked position. just ordered mine off vag parts /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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