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Some questions about the A4 Quattro 2.8...

TakoshiA4 Apr 2, 2004

  1. TakoshiA4

    TakoshiA4 New Member

    This was part of my new members post but I think I'll put it here...

    1. Where can I get the 3 Spoke Sport steering wheel? Is it expensive to buy/install?

    2. I saw that the 1999 model comes with red/clear tailights, can I have those fitted to mine? Where can I buy them (links would rule)

    3. I was at my local mall and saw a '99 with a sleek lookin body kit (kinda looked like the S4 kit...) Can anyone show me some?

    4. Also, where can I get the grille that has the little Audi insignia on the right but no rings.

    5. Does any company (Sparco, Recaro, Momo, etc..) make leather race seats?

    6. And last but not least. I gotta have Oettinger rims. Which ones are good for this car?

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