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Some MP3s Won't Play?

Simo_UK Apr 1, 2012

  1. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member

    Hi All,

    Haven't managed to find an answer to this so far. Maybe you guys can help me out. :eek:)

    I have a number of MP3s loaded onto an SD card. The bit rate, file format and max number of files thresholds are all within limits.

    However, when I try to play some files, they are jus skipped by the MMI and won'r play. No error, then they appear grey on the screen.

    Any idea? The files play fine elsewhere.

  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    I had exactly the same with an ipod classic...and i ended up getting rid cos the replacement was the same.This told me it was a hardware issue.You should copy your stuff from the sd card into a folder on your hd, then reformat the sd card, and error check.Run your mp3's through foobar to re encode them, and put them back on the card.Failing this, try a new sd card
  3. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    I assume this is an RNS-E?

    Double check the file format of the songs being skipped as the unit won't recognise every file version, and make sure the file names aren't too long (not sure the limit there, but apparently the systems don't like long file names).
  4. Simo_UK

    Simo_UK Member

    Will give it a go an let you guys know.

    Thanks for the tips!
  5. dstech

    dstech Member

    Double check the files with this software called "Mediainfo". You might find out that some are not constant bit rate and are actually variable bit rate and thus the max bit rate will jump higher than the allowed max bit rate. If you just view the files using a normal media player or by using windows explorer they often will not show you the max bit rate. That's why you need the special program to find this info out.


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