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Some Lowlife C***

S3 LTN Feb 14, 2008

  1. Adam.Z

    Adam.Z Adam.Z S3/07

    Yes well done CJP80 :applaus:

    But like Dave said assess the situation before plunging in ... ie: if there are another 5 youths with the offendent. Your life is worth more than a car.

    But then again.... that is the problem in our country today ... people would give these dipshits a seeing too but are all to scared for fear of being stabbed or beaten senseless. You just have to read it in the papers!

    I think this country needs more people like CJP80, just to let people know such behaviour is unacceptable. Me and my mates will not stand aside no more and see someone elses car be vandalised after our own experiences. :haudrauf:

    In my day as a youngster ... which wasnt too long ago .... if i saw a nice car .... i would admire it....... not spit inside the softtop or key the car. I guess alot is to do with upbringing???

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