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Some help pls..

belfastone May 21, 2012

  1. belfastone

    belfastone New Member

    Hi guys,
    any ideas on what I could check??.. Putting the car into 1st, 2nd and others can be hard at times, also grinds while trying to go into reverse. Recently had a reconditioned engine put in. Things have been. 100% since. Maybe there is fluid somewhere I can check? I did check the brake fluid but it's fine (possibly they use the same fluid)..lol
    if it was the clutch going I would expect it to slip before? But it's raving and driving fine..suppose it could be the gearbox if so is there anything I could check to confirm?.. Suppose I could bring it to a garage but honestly sick of spending money on it..

    Also I now need a new rear bumper due to the misses banging a ****** wall lol anyone on here selling parts?!

  2. Y83OLK

    Y83OLK Hulk Smash!

    You could check the gearchange cable adjustment..
    Lock the box and lever in the home position. Posible it got missaligned whilst swapping the engine.
  3. belfastone

    belfastone New Member

    Thanks for the reply, wouldn't have a clue were to start.. Looks like its the garage then! Was hoping for a "check this level /reservoir"

    Cheers tho!

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