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Some days the clutch slips and some days it dont????

Dogtown22 Mar 11, 2013

  1. Dogtown22

    Dogtown22 Member

    Now you may remember my thread about the clutch slipping after a remap, well that was a week ago and things have started going strange, some days the clutch will slip and some days it wont??? Now surly if the clutch plate is worn it would slip all the time???
  2. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    When my clutch went, the same happened. Barely got it home, then next day I pulled out and it was fine. Mechanic said he could feel it slipping in 5th/6th. If it were me, I'd drive it as little as poss and get the clutch changed... it can't be doing the car any good.
  3. Lee.

    Lee. New Member

    It certainly won't be doing the flywheel anygood. A clutch is pretty cheap to replace, but add in the cost of a flywheel and things get expensive.

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