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Some bluddy crappy driver!!!!!

Gops Jul 13, 2010

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  1. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Ok went to the chippy today and realised it was closed to i was about to set off but i was parked on a bend and the car behind me was parked quite far out so i had to creep out to see what was coming.. A mondeo was coming so i braked, and after that i creeped out and thought it was a window of opportunity and started to pull out until i seen this taxi zooooooooooooming up behind me so i put my foot down and wheelspan into 2nd until i hit 30! Got down the road and wanted to turn right, this taxi tried to go around me and then realised that there was another person infront of me and decided to rant at me and say "are you thick???" ok i realised i pulled out on a bend which i had no option but to, but he was speeding and atleast i didnt pull out at 2mph, i was burning rubber ffs!!! it got abit heated and we were swearing at each other but at this point i thought i should just move on before i get even more bluddy angry! He finished his convo by shouting, "if i see you around im gonna get you" which tbh i dont really care because he's just an idiot!! I just cant believe that he had to go that far! Now im looking out for a red taxi haha! I laugh if i see him again, wont be a friendly outcome! especially on a night out! Still bluddy ranting over it!

    /Rant still not over but im trying!
  2. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    2 words: hate taxis
  3. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Need to watch out for private taxi drivers, all they need to do is shout down their radio, and the back up will turn up!

    Despite the mileage they do, the local taxi driver's driving standards is poor, and they think they own the road!
  4. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    As long as your alright and the car safe mate. Taxi drivers are a**eholes simple

    Agree with what jojo says. Poor driving standard considering there in a vehicle 24/7, taxi drivers think they own the road and can do what they want. If they radio out back up, the back will turn up lol. Thats the way i found out anyway haha
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