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Some assistance needed...

Gryphon001 Apr 12, 2012

  1. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Need a but of help diagnosing a problem.

    Last week I installed a Neuspeed intake on the car. Almost immediately it felt like it lost a lot of power. When scanned, an intermittent MAF fault code showed up. Cleared the code and the car ran fine... For about 10km, than back to 'limp' mode. Rechecked the intake for leaks... Nothing. Cleaned the MAF... Still didn't help. Finally replaced the MAF with a new one... Car started off running fine but went limp after another 10km. No faults found with vag com...

    Pulled the DV and did a visual check for any damage and it appears to be ok. The DV was changed for the updated F revision last August.

    Each time the car goes into limp mode, when I do a fault code erase using the APR software tge car runs five for a bit than goes limp again... Every time I scan the car when in limp mode there are NO faults found, but when I clear faults anyway, the car runs fine for a while.

    I'm all out of ideas at this point... If it was the DV again why would it work fine for a while and than put the car in limp mode? When I run the car in stock mode the car is very sluggish... When using the 93 octane program, the car is only a bit slower than normal stock when it goes into limp mode...:banghead:
  2. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    Could either be an air leak or you have oil on your MAF (I think the Neuspeed is oiled, right?) Try cleaning it with some Isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Tried cleaning it with the old MAF... And installed a brand new one. Still the same issue... Seems to be far more likely to happen when I am on the highway... Long time at a steady speed. When I just drive on the streets it's far less likely to go into limp mode.
  4. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Well... Got the problem sorted out...

    Here is the progression of events...

    After the issue started, check the MAF, clean the MAF, replaced the MAF... Did throttle body adaptation... Checked all the fittings for leaks... Checked the DV... Appeared fine. 3 days later I went to replace the DV and this is what came out.


    Replaced the DV... Car still goes into limp mode... Finally put the stock intake back on and the car seems to be back to normal again. Will need to drive it a bit more to be truly sure though.

    Think I got the wrong Neuspeed, the MAF was in the wrong place and was throwing off the readings causing the car to overboost and blew the DV. The MAF is about 3" right of where it was on stock.

    Officially biggest PITA I've ever had with this car... And there were several.
  5. leach76

    leach76 Member

    Did you put the maf in the intake correct as they only work one way ? just wondering if you fitted it incorrect the first time then got the new replacement and fitted that the same way ( not trying to be smart or calling you dumb but some people have done it)
  6. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Yeah, I did double triple and quadruple checked that, it was facing the right way. The only thing to make the issue go away was put the stock intake back on.
  7. scotty2hotty

    scotty2hotty Member

    for future reference and to save money on buying new parts that are not needed, if you fit something to your car then it dont run right but it was fine before you fitted it then change it back and see if that cures it if it does then theres the source of the problem and money saved on new maf sensors and dv's also saves a headache for a week ;-)

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