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Some A4 B7 Tweak questions

benr Apr 4, 2011

  1. benr

    benr Member


    Playing with my VCDS in my A4 B7 I'm looking for things to play with.

    I have enabled the lights icon in the cluster as I missed it from my A3 but thats all i have found that I can do.

    Few questions:

    Firstly - I was able to enable speed showing in the symphony 2+ however it only shows as kph. anyway to change this to mph? i tried to change the last digit to another country code but it kept refusing the coding.

    Can I:

    1-Tilting mirror when put into reverse.

    2-Needle sweep on start up - Guessing not possible

    3-Removing/Adding DRL's of any kind - Fogs as DRL would be good. I tried changing the location to canada but it put indicators as DRL

    4-Activate TPMS

    5-upshift indicator in dis (efficiency programme) - its in my user manual but cant find how to enable it

    6-Fog lights as cornering lights

    As the B7 does not support long coding it seems quite limited.

    Anything else?


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