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[SOLVED] Lost my DIS wiper stalk button functions?

jimmo Apr 13, 2013

  1. jimmo

    jimmo Member

    I did try a search, here and on google, but I couldn't find anything on this...

    Used my shiny new VCDS cable for the first time. I did precisely this:

    1. Connect cable
    2. Start VCDS software
    3. Perform an auto-scan
    4. Save results
    5. Enable ejection of the navigation DVD
    6. Clear fault code for front right foglight (loose connection repaired)
    7. Exit software
    8. Remove cable

    Now all I get on the main DIS is my speed. The two buttons on the wiper stalk to scroll through MPG, trip computer, etc. don't work any more.

    It seems that something about the above procedure has silently changed the DIS display and/or use of these buttons.

    Has anyone seen this before or have any idea how I can get the original functionality back? :)


    I've managed to fix this via the reset button under the wiper-stalk. It turns out you can use this to change the settings of the DIS.

    Selecting "Computer 2" enables the trip/mpg/range display which you can toggle through with the rocker buttons on the end of the stalk. You can also enable or disable individual items in that display sequence if you so wish.

    No idea how it got "reset" in the first place but hey, it's working again now!
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2013

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