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Solution for loud banging from rear suspension!!

jbkudos Aug 10, 2008

  1. jbkudos

    jbkudos Member


    Just thought I would share my jubilation with you, My A3 1.8 TS 2000 has been lowered and since I brought it it has had the most awful banging noise form the rear suspension when you go over any kind of bump/man hole!! After much investigation my mechanic mate narrowed it down to the rear axles bushes, he changed these (the old ones were completely shot) and hey presto it now rides like a new a dream, you know that sort of new car feeling! A few points though my bushes were actually VW ones and when I asked at Audi they said they don't do the bushes anymore and advised me to buy a new axle at £430 pls the VAT!! yeah right, contacted eurocarparts £30 for the pair! Also when removing the old ones which is a b@stard, try using a hack saw and if this fails we just burnt one out! Honestly the difference is amazing and I would have happily paid a good few hundred quid for it!

    If you need any more advice just Pm me
  2. A3Monster

    A3Monster Faster pussy cat!

    I had a new dash fitted at an Audi dealer lately and they claim my rear bushes need replacing. I've had this before with a dealer (this time last year)- I've had to take it to them for something a normal garage can't do and they start sniffing around it for work. Last year there was nothing wrong with them when my trusty local garage looked; not even an advisory on the MOT.

    They wanted £350 to do them as well, expect about half that from my local garage.

    So, getting it serviced on Monday at the said trusty garage to see what the deal is.

    I've noticed no banging or anything and the ride seems ok so suspicious of their diagnosis to say the least! The parcel shelf makes a noise but I know its the parcel shelf! I reckon its because the car has done over 100,000 they assume they will want doing soon.


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