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solid flywheel on tdi quattro vibrating ?????????????

matty330 May 8, 2012

  1. matty330

    matty330 New Member

    hi guys this is my first post on here just joined up ,ive recently bought myself a 2006 audi a3 quattro tdi after battling through 2 winters with a bmw 330d .so far ive fitted a hybrid turbo,ind kit and stainless exhuast hoping to get it custom mapped mid july to around 230-240bhp . the problem i have started after i removed the gearbox to fit the solid flywheel and clutch (by tecni clutch) i marked the prop before removal so everything went back as it came of. ive also changed the large rubber doughtnut on the rear of the prop never got much change from £300 :0(. basically im getting horrendous vibration in 3rd/4th gear between 1800-2300 rpm its ok before and after these revs and seems much less apparent in the other gears, ive spoke to the clutch/flywheel company and they say its certainly prop related has anyone else experienced this after removing the prop or fitting a solid flywheel im worried its going to do damage and might remove it next week and just run the car in 2wd for the time being ,dont want to have to take the flywheel off as it was a pig of a job changing it ,any help on this subject would be greatly apprieciated sorry for the long post.
  2. - Jrd -

    - Jrd - Member

    To me thats sounds definately prop related mate.

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