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software upgrade gone worry

beerglass Jan 19, 2007

  1. beerglass

    beerglass Member

    Hi all

    I took the A4 TDI into audi today and they checked the idle shaking problem out.

    The master tech guy upgraded the ECU software, saying this might help and that my car was running quite an old ECU software version. That sounded strange because its only 8 months old but hey i'm not a car engineer.

    But now driving the car home and tonight 1st gear is totally wrong.
    Every time I pull away in 1st gear the car seems to hold back, like massive turbo lag.

    Its like you get to 2k and someone pulls the handbrake on.

    The car still drives fine apart from this, but this isnt right and its horrible to drive.

    What has gone wrong ?

    The shaking at idle is still just as bad and audi have agreed its there but been quite honest with me and said they doubt they can fix it..
    So I brought a 21k car and put up with it.....yeah right

    Not happy at the mo
  2. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    i had a bad shaking engine last week, it was a split hose going to the inlet manifold, it had perished over time, replaced that and car is so smooth at idle again.

    see if they can test all hoses for leaks/splits :)
  3. ElDingo

    ElDingo New Member

    I get shaking on and off. Also terrible power dive if I change fast from 1st to 2nd and boot it... Never resolved.
  4. tiptonjuk

    tiptonjuk Member

    My 2.0 tdi A3 does this, and so did my 1.9 TDI golf! I did hear a long time ago that it was a known fault that could be fixed by upgrading the ECU, but could never convince myself that upgrading the software could fix it. I also think that it only does it when the weather is cold, because I can't remember the car doing it in the summer.
  5. beerglass

    beerglass Member

    Yes my TDI 1.9 golf did as well.
    But only when cold. But this A4 TDI is doing it all the time...
  6. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    get it back to the dealers then.. keep bugging them 'til its solved especially if it worse now than before..

    My RS4 shakes a bit...... if you rev it at idle... !!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :thrashi:
  7. major

    major New Member

    Take it back! My 5 month old 2.0TDI ended up in the dealers for 2 months and the problems started with shaking when idle then no power as if the turbo had gone. They replaced one of the injectors (on 2 occassions), the wiring harness, fuel pump (3 of those fitted) and the cylinder head. I have got it back and it has stopped the shaking but I don't know if I'll keep it because its been quite a bad experience.

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