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so whats next then?

danneth Oct 19, 2006

  1. danneth

    danneth New Member

    after having a remap done on the 1.8T a3 it felt great at first but now i want more :D

    whats the next stage suggestions without a MASSIVE budget

  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    start collecting bits for a BIIIIG turbo build, do the install yourself and get a proper remap. takes time but £2000-2500 gets you a lot.
    Shop overseas, don't be afraid of 2nd hand parts on some items and you could easily build a GT28x or IHI's 300-350bhp motor.
    stock internals, need an FMIC, new injectors, new manifold/DP, new exhaust, new turbo and pipework(air and oil/water)
  3. wise_old_fart

    wise_old_fart New Member

    Do it properly if you are thinking about doing a big turbo upgrade get real and understand that to get something that works properly you are going to have to spend the money. Non of these conversions really cost less than about 5K and in the real world 7-8K. Get the job done right first time and go for one of the grown up kit from someone like MTM or Sportec they will cost 7-9K but are the real thing and have had time and research put into them. Sticking at GT28RS sound great until you drive it. there are GT28s and GT28s if you do go down that root have a look at the 5005 or think about a GT30.

    Best of luck

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