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So Manual isnt really manual on a DSG

imported_S_Line Feb 2, 2006

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    Bowfer - I think I may have found just the car for you. In this weeks Auto Express is an article on the new Jaguar XK. Part of the report reads:

    " The Jag gets a six-speed auto, but this is no ordinary auto. Slide the lever into Sport mode and the car comes alive, holding gears when cornering and downshifting to the red line with an accurate blip of the throttle.

    Better still is the paddleshift manual mode. Changes are supremely fast, even swapping cogs quicker than the VW Group's class leading DSG sequential manual."

    All you have to do is persuade your MD to allow you to spend £64,995 for a covertible or a mere £58,995 for the Coupe. Good luck !

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    Aye ... saw one of these about 5 or 6 weeks ago on the M40 heading north through the cutting between Stokenchurch and Oxford. I noticed it for two reasons:
    1. It had strange white plates with red text on them
    2. It was tailgating the car in front at approx 110mph in the pi55ing rain (I was doing about 90mph on the inside lane and both cars went haring past me)

    Maybe he was struggling so hard to work out if he was driving an auto or manual that he completely neglected to spot the car in front?
  2. bunny

    bunny Member

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    How's the car John?

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    Pure 'drivability' is just so improved from std - especially the punch coming out of corners - there really isn't much that can keep up cross country,

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  3. jimbob

    jimbob Member


    If it was really manual in 'manual' mode there would be a long list of cases of people thinking (mistakenly) that they were in auto :keule: and ending up gassing it out into a gap in traffic only to find they were in a much too high a gear ,wondering why it won't move even when they stab the throttle in fright :scared2: or conversely caning the nads off it wondering whyit won't change up :confused: (again maybe at a dangerous time) and thrashing the engine:( ,it was simple common sence to make it this way, anything else would cause accidents and drivetrain damage , i know the enthusiasts like us would be less likely to make this misake ...MAYBE...but there are all sorts of people driving these cars and it is a neccereccerrery(sp:D) evil

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