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So..I Need A New (push) Bike

Rom Jun 15, 2012

  1. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    After months of my gf moaning, i finally caved, and moved my bike from the hallway, to the sheltered bike rack outside the flats next door.

    That was Sunday, cue getting home yesterday and it not being there. Like i predicted.

    So i now need a new bike, but havent a clue these days. Mine was circa 10 years old, but was pretty well specced, very light, full susser, only a single sided gas shock on the rear, so hardly a downhill bike, but perfect for commuting due to light weight, and the odd bit of trail stuff.
    Components were mostly LX, some standard, some by me as i replaced chainset, bottom bracket, shifters etc a few years back.

    Half the bikes ive briefly seen dont even have 27 gears, whilst i know thats not the be all and end all, just seems odd considering how old mine was.

    Im not set on a price range, Id rather spend less, but i dont want ****. But also no £1500 carbon jobbies etc please!
    Im also not set on Used or new, used obviously offers a better budget/quality deal i imagine.

    Main use is commuting about 15 miles. Though it will see some weekend use in a year or 2 as the little one is old enough to go on rides.
    Ill be chucking slicks on it, like my last one for commuting. So probably looking at a hardtail, or a light full susser. I dont really like racers / hybrids. Not a fan of the high saddle low bars, hunched over position. My last bike was an 18" frame, but had the saddle high, im 6ft.
    Also have some huge hills, so the whole 3 gear thing just wont work for me.

    Any tips, suggestions, best places to buy etc.
  2. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    TBH I bought a cracking Marin Rift Zone 08 recently, comes with a very good spec, only thing I'd prefer is a lockout rear shox for the less mountain like areas lol, but its adjustable so guess that'll do for now.

    I have 2 marins now & both are quite literally lovely bikes, have a look on the bay, also somewhere like pinkbikes as you can get a very good bike for less than 1k & mine were both used but still in vgc.

    Marins hold value well & are for the most looked after.
  4. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Do you want a full MTB, or a hybrid type?

    Does your work partake in the Cycle To Work scheme?
  5. BuckleyTDI

    BuckleyTDI Member

    just a idea but i may be worth checking to see if you company are enrolled in the "cycle to workk scheme" this allows you to buy upto a £1000 worth of bike and gear and save upto an amazing 40% of this price, i work for Britvic and we got 38% off so i bought a cannodale trail sl1 £1000 exact in the shop and with my voucher i got it for £600

    just work a look before you buy one outright. its a coverment run scheme to help reduce emisions and s**t

  6. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Great tips thanks.

    I work for Sytner, they own my dealership. Had a quick look, seems Sytner do have some kind of scheme, will have to see my boss monday and see what my dealership offers. Id guess they know nothing about it, but should be able to get them to sort it out tier end.

    I much prefer a hard tail or full susser mountain style bike. Im a bike guy, i literally look ridiculous on a racer.
    I wouldnt be going an extreme downhill type bike, if it was full susser, it would be a light mild version. Though a hardtail would be fine.

    Ive seen some Marins years ago, used to be a factory or similar near where i used to live. Very nice looking bikes.
    eBay seems to be all over the place, with some seemingly low spec bikes costing a lot, but as i said, have only just started looking into it.
  7. Ian-83

    Ian-83 Member

    I would say unless you need a full suspension not to get it. Sounds like a lot of your riding will be commuting and possibly light off road. I would go for a hardtail. Get more for your money and also a lighter bike too.
  8. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Cyclescheme will get you a third off the price as you pay installments before tax.
    Halfords have a range of mtb's called carrera and they are a good budget bike.
  9. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Just seen about it at work.
    Ours only runs for 1 month, April to may. So missed that.

    Looking at a Boardman Halfords have, urban mtb, looks like a mtb, but has rigid carbon forks.
    Also the front susser version, but can't decide which one.
    Both would be fine with a change of tyres they can do commuting and a little light trail riding etc.

    They seem to get good reviews.
  10. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    My mate has a boardman which he informs me was which best mountain bike for the price,shows they are good
  11. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Boardman always do very favourably in the reviews.
  12. Eftwyrd

    Eftwyrd Member

    No point in going full sus unless you are planning on hitting the mountains, it will just cost you more effort to ride it round day to day, even with pro pedal. A hardtail with decent forks (fox/rockshox/Xfusion) would be my recomendation.

    Personally I love Whyte and Genesis bikes ;)
  13. Hi there

    From what I've read above I would say a Cross Country bike would be best to suit your riding. Brilliant for all types of riding!
    Depending on how much you want to spend you can get a great bike.

    Cross Country bikes can be used for every type of riding except for full on downhill or dirt jumping. I do a bit of light downhill on mine.

    Please never get a bike from Halfords! You might as well use your money to wipe your bum after using the trough!
    A lot of people see Halfords bikes and think wow they look really good and a great price too but honestly you will be wasting your money!
    I have worked in one of the most successful bike shops in the country for several years now and the amount of people that have come in with bikes that they have bought from Halfords is not good! The parts that you get on a lot of the bikes.......Brakes, Gears, Mechs etc etc are very cheap (which is why the bikes are so affordable) and they do not last.

    If you want to get a bike which will last you a lifetime (as long as its looked after and serviced every now and then) then I would suggest you go to a bike shop that have a good reputation! You will not be disappointed.
    Ok you do have to spend a little extra on a bike but what you get is so much more for your money!

    XC Bikes i recommend are:

    Any of the Cube range, especially the LTD models, they are absolutely brilliant! In my opinion I would say they are the best bikes on the market.

    Orange bikes make really good XC bikes

    Whyte Bikes are brilliant too

    Commencal bikes

    All of the above.......you are looking at anything from £500

    Hope this helps and obviously the decision can only be made by you but if you want a good bike then please don't go to halfords.
  14. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Sorry Mr Tacalacka but you cannot write all them bikes sold by Halfords off in one fell swoop,they are not all the same bikes are they and as said the boardman got mtb of the year so how did they get that ?
  15. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    I'm picking up a Boardman urban / HT team r today.

    My last bike was from Halfords, I had it 10 years. So I have no problem buying a bike there.

    I'll grant the staff can be less than knowledgeable.

    But buy a bike with good reviews, and components, and there's no reason it will let you down.
    What bike, Bike Radar, Single Track etc all give the ht team r rave reviews, and that was at full retail of 850.
    I got it for 535.
  16. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Post up a pic!
  17. Cozza McA

    Cozza McA Crunching The Gears VCDS Map User

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 20, 2012
  18. I do agree that Boardman are good bikes. Quite surprised that halfords managed to get their hands on a good company. Most distributors will not go near halfords.

    However Boardman bikes compared to others out there are pretty average. Especially when you compare one to the others of the same price. They have good frames and on some models they have good forks but apart form that the gears, brakes etc are pretty average.

    But for what Rom is using it for im sure it will serve him well and I hope he really enjoys it!

    A lot of it is opinion and i totally appreciate that some people will disagree with me but if you go into any good bike shop and ask a member of staff in there to describe halfords bikes in One word, i garrantee they will use a 4 letter word that your parents would have clouted you for using it when you were younger!

    The trouble is with Halfords is they sell **** to people who have no idea about bikes.

    Personally the only thing i think Halfords do well at is, Airfresheners or Cleaning and Detailing products

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