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So how do i get more power???? 1.8T AGU A3

Tim20 May 7, 2008

  1. Tim20

    Tim20 New Member


    im fairly new to the forum but have been heavily into VW and VAG for a few years.

    I have recently got rid of my VR6 engine converted mk2 golf and got an Audi A3 1.8T

    The audi is a great car but it needs a bit more poke, as you can imagine a stripped out old golf with a 200bhp V6 in the front was fairly quick.

    My car is current bar:

    drilled air box and pannel filter
    remap to 190BHP
    and a dump valve

    What is the Ko3s turbo conversion like specifically for everyday driveability? and reliability? also what other mods would people recomend?

    Exhaust? or is the std item reasonably free flowing (i like it quiet)

    Anyones experience would be really appreciated!

  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    As you already have a remap, then you'd be looking at a different turbo to up the power.

    I recommend a larger downpipe and sport cat or decat. I ran a milltek downpipe and standard exhaust for years. The rest of the system isn't that restrictive for modest power gains. It was OEM quiet that way.

    I wouldn't have drilled the airbox personally. Not good sucking hot air in from the engine bay, but a good intercooler will help keep inlet temps down.

    THere are a lot of threads about turbo swaps on here. Do a search. Settle on a power goal and work from there.
  3. ste_1210

    ste_1210 Member

    well its all about how much power u realy want. if u wanna go up another 30/40bhp a ko3s is a good route to go pritty much a straight swop.

    if u want more the 300 ponies then u gotta look at big turbo's ihi or garrett its all about how much money u wanna spend
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    I did a ko3S swap on my AGU, and it was very worth while.

    With the remapped ko3 it felt OK in 2nd gear and fairly punchy, but above 2nd gear, there just wasn't enough power to bring it alive, it still struggled accelerating up steep hills and the like, that was putting out 184bhp and 236lbft.

    With the ko3S conversion done, on the same rollers a few weeks ago it made 225bhp and 290lbft, and the difference is HUGE. It now has much more power through the rev range, and doesn't run out of steam above 70mph, it still pulls hard in 4th and 5th, and makes for a fairly quick car.

    For example (controversial) It will easily see away a standard S3, and happily keep up with a remapped S3. I had a play with a brand new Ashtray VXR yesterday morning, and it certainly wasn't pulling away, although I couldn't get past him.....

    the ko3S is the cheapest way to take it over 200bhp, it'll happily spike up to 22psi and give a nice torque curve, although it still runs out of steam by 6000rpm as it's still a tiny turbo.

    If you're anywhere near portsmouth let me know and I'll take you for a spin.

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