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Snow, Skiing and an RS6

LYRAC Mar 19, 2005

  1. LYRAC

    LYRAC Member

    Here's something to make you smile. (or not if you have one)
    If you are lucky enough and RICH enough to have an RS6 and then you still have some change and you decide that you want to go skiing.
    You are in for a shock . The size of the wheels 19" and the fact that the tyres are VERY LOW PROFILE 245 x 40 you will have MASSIVE PROBLEMS.
    1st It is nearly impossible to get Snow Chains for that size!!
    2nd If you can get them you MUST have a Minimum of 10mm clearance between the upright (strut) and the tyre!!

    So what can you do.............you buy new wheels 7.5j x 18 H2 E20 670 AND new tyres 225 x 45 x R18 95V

    Oh that little lot would easily ruin the "apres ski" !!

    Oh and by the way this is no exageratiion there are several Quattro models that it would be hard to get Snow Chains for, as several areas in the alps require you by law to have snow chains.

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