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Snow foam lance v garden sprayer

Abb Oct 5, 2013

  1. Abb

    Abb Member

    Am in the market for a snow foam lance and was going to purchase the karcher one, as I am not a pro just enjoy cleaning my cars. However just prior to making the purchase, I am reading more and more posts on various forums, that people are ditching the lances in favour of the garden pressure type sprayers. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  2. chris.vincent3

    chris.vincent3 Own a BMW now, HOWEVER I still own VCDS! VCDS Map User

    I've also done a bit of research about the snow foam, I found the Nilfisk jet washes are the ones to go for as they have metal components in the pump rather than plastic in other brands such as Karcher.
  3. 347

    347 Active Member Team Daytona VCDS Map User Audi S3 DSG

    I think the garden type foam guns just make it easier , removes the agro of setting pressure washer up all the time .
    are you reffering to just the Karcher foam lance ,if so I have one not being used , cover postage and its yours.
  4. Abb

    Abb Member

    Hi John

    Thank you kindly. You have PM
  5. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    I suspect the switch to pressure sprayers is because a lot of people have switched to citrus pre-washes from snow foam. So rather than foam the car, you spray the diluted citrus pre-wash and then rinse off. I've been doing this more than snow foam for the last 12 months or so. I find it works better and is less agro in terms of getting kit out. I still have a snow foam lance but mainly use it as a lazy way of coating the car in shampoo before quick washing.

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