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Snow foam lance for a Stihl pressure washer

me77or Feb 18, 2013

  1. me77or

    me77or New Member

    Evening folks

    I want to but a snow foam lance which is compatable with my pressure washer (which is a Stihl RE118) but I've no idea which attachment I need to buy.

    The Juicy Detailing website has a number of nozzle types in the drop down menu but none are Stihl specific.

    I've attached a couple of images of my washer and its current nozzles. Do any of them look familiar to you guys, and if so which is the compatable nozzle? Would a Karcher snow foam lance fit this?




  2. madmanrsvr

    madmanrsvr Member

    give them a bell, i ordered a snow foam lanceand other gear off them but had truble with the mail sevice(lost the delivery)so phoned them to say i dident recive it and they got it sorted and returned calls when they said they would,parcel force found the items and i recived them,
    so i would recomend them.

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