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Smudge's LED project

smudge_don Oct 10, 2009

  1. smudge_don

    smudge_don Active Member


    I've decided that i don't like the dull red glow of the interior lights on the dash anymore, and have gone a bit mad with solder and LEDs :jump:

    I just need some kind person who knows their stuff or can find out somehow, which of the pins on certain PCB's are for the power.

    This way, i can connect up a 12V supply to make sure that all my new LEDs are in place and working properly before putting it into the car and finding out that way!

    I need to know which pin is the power for the following:

    Climate control unit

    Hopefully over the next few months, i will be able to put of pics of my progress, but as for now, my room is just filled with solder, LED's and spare electronic parts from an A3 :blink:

    Help much appreciated :) Watch this space :rockwoot:
  2. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    You'll have to be more specific...

    "power" ?

    Do you mean which pin brings in the illumination signal? -Don't forget that illumination on these is not a constant 12V, but is instead a PWM-modulated pulse waveform.

    Or are you actually asking for a constant 12V?

    Also, don't forget that there's no such thing as a 12V LED... each colour LED actually has a different forward drop voltage, (red is about 2V, white is often around 4V and so forth) and the CURRENT controls instantaneous brightness, not the voltage per se.

    Changing LED colours therefore often significantly alters the brightness, unless there's a CCS in series (Constant Current Source) but usually it's just a resistance to limit the current, and not a CCS, so current flow changes with LED colour.

  3. smudge_don

    smudge_don Active Member


    Cheers Keith

    The guy i got the LEDs off was having a long chat with me about it all, and he assured me that these LEDs are what most manufacturers use anyway, and there won't be any difficulties.

    If there are, i'll fine that out at a later date :keule:

    I suppose yeah i'm asking for which pin basically illuminates the LEDs, i assumed that it would be a constant 12v supply like you get from a cigarette lighter in the car?

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