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Smoking A4 2.5 TDI B5 1998

andy749 Sep 26, 2007

  1. andy749

    andy749 New Member

    Hi there I need some help on this matter !after changing my turbo as the vains were sticking anyway (new seals and bearings while it was stripped) ,replacing the crank case breather filter and cleaning out the inlet manifolds from the usual black gunk the car still resembles the bat mobile both when accelarating and coming to a hault any further ideas would be greatly appreciated

    :readit: Regards Andy
  2. truebrummie

    truebrummie Member

    may sound funny or a long shot but my 1.9 tdi was like this bellowing black smoke on acceleration dont all the usual maf /erg/inlet manifold but only eased up a little but on a trip to the parents house my dad noticed a split rubber pipe attached to rear of erg so after a trip to the scrappy a new pipe was fitted and all pipe work checked from intercoler to engine
    problem has now gone no smoke and acceleration back to its best
  3. golisago

    golisago Member

    I think you may have a split in an intercooler hose/pipe or one of the small vacuum pipes that go to the turbo actuator/n75 etc.......or it could be that when they changed the turbo and parts they forgot to thoroughly cleaned out the intercooler.

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